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Courses offered by Shared Lives cover many different topics
but all have one core aim: the empowerment of the individual participants and the integration of the group as a whole,
as shown by the following poem:

Hello my name is Maggie, it’s great to meet you all.
I’ve been asked to run your group - I promise you a ball
and guarantee to lift your spirits so you’re feeling ten foot tall.
There are so many things on offer which will leave you feeling good.
You can discover your own talents, do things you never thought you could.
We can explore your creativity, have a go at poetry writing.
How to make the best use of your time while doing things you find exciting.
I could teach you meditation, relaxation and self healing
How to build up your self confidence and share with others how you’re feeling.
How to manage stress within your life, helping you to cope with fear and strife
To deal with problems you’re concealing.
Realising there’s a wealth
of strategies you can use to help
you deal with things when times are tough
console yourself when feeling rough
Learning how to love yourself.
The most useful way to plan your day
Leaving yourself time to relax and play
to give yourself a boost when feeling fraught
to transform your life with positive thought
To give you a chance to achieve your dream
To give you back your self esteem…
There’s so many things that we can do
Now I’ve come to run a group for you.
I can’t promise I’ll bring out the sun.
But I assure you all,
we’ll have

Maggie, who has trained to post graduate level as an educationalist and tutor, is highly qualified.
She has over 20 years experience in running courses, both as a college lecturer
and more recently as a group facilitator working in the community.

She offers a wide range of different courses, delivered by herself and in conjunction with other experts, as required. Courses are entirely flexible, tailor made, negotiated with the provider, and where appropriate, with participants. They can take any format required eg full day/s, half day, evenings, two hours; and run for as long as required; for example, of two current groups one is running for 10 week blocks and one for 3x 12 week terms, each for 2 hour sessions per week.