The New Granddad

I’m getting a new granddad. What do you think of that?
He’s bald and round and smiley
And wears a tweed flat hat.

He’s taller than my grandma. When they totter down the street
He keeps his arm around her
To steady her on her feet.

He’s very kind and friendly with eyes that twinkle blue and round.
And he’s cheeky to my nana
but she never makes a sound.

And when she looks up to him as he brushes back a curl
I’d swear she’s not my nana.
She looks just like a young girl.

My nana got forgetful so she couldn’t live alone.
And mum and dad go out to work.
That’s why she’s in the Home.

My parents were both worried that the place would speed her end.
But instead of giving up on life
she’s got a new boyfriend.

We’ve just been to visit and they were sitting there.
Their gnarled hands clasped together
Dozing in a chair.

They looked so very comfie, as if they’ve always been.
Sleeping by each other
sharing the same dream.

They’ve only been together for two months maybe three.
They’ll soon be getting married.
What a strange day that will be!

I wonder what my dad thinks. He never says a lot.
I can see he likes the bridegroom
not that nana gives a jot.

Why, I’ve never seen her like it. She keeps giggling like a kid.
They keep cuddling and kissing.
(I didn’t think old people did!)

The next time that we see them will be their wedding day.
I wonder if my dad will have
to give the bride away.

They wave good-bye both smiling holding hands at the front door.
As we drive away I can’t believe
That they’re both eighty four! poem