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My friend is one who’s always there
To turn to when there’s strife or care
To telephone with a laugh to share.

My friend is one who never judges.
Ready to forgive, never harbours grudges.
Who spurs me on with gentle nudges.

My friend will always speak the truth.
Believes my word, never asks for proof.
Ready to engage, never stands aloof.

My friend’s love, radiant and kind
Blazes from her eyes – if I was blind,
Her joyous light my sight would find.

Her friendship is to me the bloom
Of a warming fire in a winter’s room.
Of petals opening in June.


My friend is an archetype for me
Of spirit, faith and bravery.
My friend is how I’d like to be.

My friend is here within my heart.
Although one day our paths may part
We’ll never truly be apart.

My friend will always be my friend.
To our friendship there will be no end.

For upon those whom we choose to give
The gift of friendship
it will always live.
Having its roots in life’s stormy sea
It will transcend time
to eternity.