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It seems impossible
that she’s gone
Why was she snatched away?
A vibrant woman
still so young.
whose hair was not yet grey.

When we heard
the awful news
We were stunned beyond belief.
One second
she was working here
The next – this numbing grief.

A doctor seems invulnerable
Is always in control.
There to repair
her patients.
There to keep us

A doctor doesn’t get sick.
A doctor shouldn’t die.
If doctors cannot
heal themselves
what hope
have you or I?

How hard to be a doctor.
With the knowledge that it gives
To know
just what your chances are.
To know you
may not live.

From her loss we’ve learned a lesson.
That a doctor’s human too
With a life outside
the surgery hours.
Just like me
Or you.

Like me
she was a mother.
Like you
She was a wife.
With two beautiful young children
She was the laughter
in their life.

An inveterate professional
A family woman too.
A living, breathing
human being
Just like me
or you.

We’ll remember Dr M
for her qualities so rare.
For her sparkling eyes
her sunny smile.
For her kindness
and her care.

We’re sad that we have lost her.
that she has passed away.
To her family
Friends, and colleagues
Our compassion
We convey.