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Commissioned tailor-made poetry (see Maggiethepoet.)

Poetry Commissions

Personal sonnet £30.00

Personal sonnet with photo £35.00

Longer Poems
  5 verses £40
  10 verses £65
  15 verses £75
  20 verses £90

Why not send a sonnet?
For the cost of
a bouquet of flowers,
you could send
an eternal gift
words to treasure
last forever.



With personal booklet

with 2 pictures per page = £25

with completed booklet =  £50.

Performance Poem

Up to 10 verses plus personal appearance £100.00

Introductory offer 25% discount


Charges for community based groups - £30 per hour

Charges for Education - £40 per hour

Charges for industry – prices negotiable, available on request

Charges for individual tuition, (where course has no external sponsorship) - £15.00 per session

Reiki Healing

Charges for 1 hour therapy £20.00

Reiki First Degree Attunements £65. 00 per person.

Reiki Second Degree Attunements £85.00

Reiki Third Degree Attunements £120.00

Greeting Cards

See Maggie's 2010 Valentine Cards

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