I have engaged the services of Maggie Chilvers to produce several poems.  These have been for various family celebrations, in particular Maggie has produced 3 very special poetry books for my mothers 70th birthday and both my daughters 18th birthdays.

I provided Maggie with bullet points about various stages in their lives.  Maggie used this to create a very unique 'this is your life' poem.  These booklets have been read out at family gatherings and parties and have created a great deal of emotional reaction and happiness.  Each member has been delighted with their own very unique keepsake, which has included photographs and been presented in an individual way, to a very high standard.  Other people reading the poems have been very impressed by the finished product, and the very unique style in which a persons life is portrayed.
I have recommended Maggie to many family and friends as she is excellent at transcribing peoples emotions into verse. These poems can be used on many different occasions and events.  I feel Maggie has a unique gift and I will definitely use her services again'.
Susan Blott