I am delighted to have this opportunity to express my appreciation of the fantastic creative skills that Maggie Chilvers has used in support of The Isis Project, (a day centre for women experiencing mental health problems). Maggie was a member of the Isis Project Management Committee, and over the years we benefited from Maggie's exceptional talents, with unique poems to commemorate special events such as our tenth anniversary, rap poems to motivate and inspire participants in fun runs organised at Lister Park, a deeply moving Poetry book dedicated, to the women of Isis, that reflected both the struggle of women’s lives, as well as the joy of motherhood, friendships, and humour, all incorporated within a beautifully illustrated booklet, that raised much needed funding for our project.
I have also been the beneficiary of her talents, with the amazing gift of dedicated poems to commutate both my 60th birthday, and more recently my retirement as Project Manager, which I will treasure all my life. I have also seen work that she has produced to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, birthdays etc, which are such a unique gift. Maggie is a multi skilled artist able to incorporate and draw on her other talents which include photography and watercolour painting, Maggie Chilvers is an exceptional person, with a unique talent, of being able to transform individuals life stories, or community events into poetry that are true "works of art".
Sue Sereika
Isis Project Manager (retired)