Maggie is an inspiration to me. She has been assailed by traumas and calamities all her life, any one of them enough to silence most people for ever. But she has told her own unique story in her own unique voice: she is a testimony to personal bravery and resilience, and to the redemptive power of words. She epitomises the best facets of humanity - resilience in the face of unbearable tragedy, and courage in the dark nights of despair. Throughout these awful events she has remained warm and compassionate. She has sung in a clear and moving voice, expressing the human condition in her own way. I admire her personally and I admire her poems, which express what has happened to her with a verve and style which avoid any semblance of self-pity or bitterness. Bravo!

Lloyd Jones. Winner of the McKitterick Prize (2005) and the Welsh Book of the Year (2007)