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Women’s Support Group, North East Windhill Community Association

This group (now running on Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30) is facilitated
by Maggie, and she has summarised its achievements in the following poem.

What our support group is about is helping one another out
Friday mornings are just great, from Mondays I just cannot wait
till Fridays come around again and I can meet with my new friends.
So many others I have met. We share our problems – then forget.
Everything that’s said in here will go no further, there is no fear
that confidences will be broken, any secret can be spoken
Such disclosure brings us healing. Lifts the cloud that we’ve been feeling.
I savour each hot mug of tea that some one else has made for me.
In this extended family.
Here we all feel safe and well, although at times, we’ve been through hell
We advise each other how to cope. We give each other strength and hope.
We hug each other with affection, encouraging each new direction
which some may not have tried before. New techniques we can explore.
Devoting more time to one’s self. Looking after one’s own health.
Amongst us there is celebration. We cheer each other with elation.
Are open to each new sensation ,
When joining in with relaxation deep breathing and meditation.
We discuss what life is all about. We’re here to help each other out.
We weep together with no shame. We give our greatest fears a name.
We never judge, try not to blame. Find others who have felt the same.
But most of all, we have such fun. It seems each week as if the sun
Is consistently shining down and lighting up our hearts with glee.
You may hear us laugh uproariously.
Our group gives us a chance to dream
By giving us back our self-esteem.
What we’ve learned here cannot be taught
We’ve achieved unconditional support.

Different topics the group has covered include: looking after oneself, forgiveness, dealing with the malicious behaviour of others, problem solving, sharing - confidentiality and trust, positive emotions, supporting others, anger management, bereavement, dealing with change or ill health, making new friends, relationships and how to deal with them, how to get professional advice, harassment/bullying; how to deal with, reconciliation, how to laugh again, self esteem/confidence building.

Poem by group member

Our group means
an ability to make
one person smile
even through tears.
It’s all of this plus
so much more…..
to me its
everything & more
We welcome
No strangers here
Just friends you’ve
yet to meet.

by Jayne O’Hagan

Please see Testimonials Section for other comments made by group members.

REACH Relaxation Group

This group runs in 10 weeks blocks for two hours per week. The structure devised for each session of the current group is as follows.

      1. Feedback – good news, action plan, people’s achievements
      2. Relaxation session one
      3. Topic of the day
      4. Positive cards
      5. BREAK
      6. Cards feedback
      7. Action Planning
      8. Relaxation Two

The group identified the following aspired outcomes as a result of attending the above course

      • Relaxation, meditation
      • Making friends, fellowship, company of others, sense of belonging, mixing
      • Talking
      • Inner peace
      • Increase in self esteem and confidence
      • Feeling loved
      • Laughter
      • Realising life’s bucket list
      • Confirm aims in life
      • Control of depression to come off tablets

Suggested Structure for next 9 weeks

Suggested Topics : Weeks 2 -10

      1. Self healing – to achieve inner peace, relaxation, stress release
      2. Action planning, problem solving
      3. Goal setting : end product for booklet,  ME time
      4. Feedback
      5. Personal Strengths & Weaknesses – group exercise SWOT analysis.
      6. Increasing Self Esteem
      7. Positive Self talk
      8. Saying no
      9. Tips for relaxation – overview of booklet.
      10. Production of booklet, plans for the future.

    Some Samples of work to be included in booklet

    Pen and ink drawing by Mary Devereaux -


    Rachel Charlton made a frame for a photo of her cat -

    cat in frame

Poem by Florence Sanderson -

The Reach Relaxation Class

It’s Tuesday, the clock shows almost ten
We are all gathered; ladies and men.
Ages range from young to old
All are pleased to be within this fold.
For, over some weeks plenty we’ve gained
And our interest and focus have never waned
At the head of the table sits Maggie who leads
this band who seeks to fulfil their needs.
Maggie’s guidance and knowledge she imparts
to us all, who are determined in heart
to take it all in and hope to remember
not just for today, but through to December.
The benefits of this class are found
in new friends, support and also the sound
of a soothing voice to which we heed
eyes closed, body still, relaxed indeed.
Feeling calm and free from tension
No thought of worries or problems to mention
Intrude into our minds, no trace of
Unhappiness, just ease and peace
As all our niggles begin to cease.
When our two hours with Maggie has ended
With her knowledge and patience, all problems are tended
We say our goodbyes with a hug and a smile.
Looking forward to meeting again in a while.
When the ten week course has come to an end
We count the benefits gained, from friend to friend
Rises in confidence and self esteem
Are evident and plain to be seen.
Determination to keep to our goals
It’s pleasant to practise, not fall into holes.
So our thanks go to Maggie, another friend found.
There surely aren’t many like her to be found.

Read the Final Reach Booklet - click here

If you would like Maggie to facilitate a group for your organisation, please see Services